The Last Pirate

Neverland is at peace. With Edward Teach’s forces expelled from the island for good, its inhabitants are finally able to rest and rebuild. But when one last pirate captain arrives on her shores, Peter is faced with an adversary more dangerous than he could have ever imagined.

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Book II of the Neverland Trilogy

The Last Pirate picks up the day after book I, Peter: A Tale from Neverland ends. Readers will witness the genesis of Peter Pan and Hook’s relationship and the ensuing fallout. 

This book is recommended for readers ten and up and contains pirate-styled fighting and the loss of one hand.
The story contunes with book III: On Nightmare’s Shore

Praise for The last pirate

I recommend for youths and adults alike

Right from the beginning I was pulled into this story! The writing is so descriptive that I felt and saw every bit of the story. The characters are fascinating, the battle scenes kept me on the edge of my seat, the relationships are heart warming, it is hard to put this book down.

Nikki Beach
Beautifully done...

Peter Pan has always been a childhood favorite of mine, I've read tons of renditions by different authors, but this one tops them all, it really captured the magic and mystique that I've always loved, but was also very realistic and full of emotion. Everything just fit together so well

Loving all the twists and turns

Author Jon Wenzel has done something that not every writer can: he takes a well-worn story and gives it a new angle that keeps you turning pages. The pace is perfect in this story and its characters are well drawn. I hope to see more from Mr. Wenzel soon!

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