Peter (Book I)

Edward Teach has sown chaos from the dark waters of England to the New World’s shores. And a small, hidden tropical island is no exception. With its inhabitants wrapped in turmoil, Teach stands on the cusp of claiming the mysterious island’s most treasured secret. His victory is all but complete as his final obstacle, a young boy, is all that stands in his way...

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The Last Pirate (Book II)

Neverland is at peace. With Edward Teach’s forces expelled from the island for good, its inhabitants are finally able to rest and rebuild. But when one last pirate captain arrives on her shores, Peter is faced with an adversary more dangerous than he could have ever imagined.

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On Nightmares shore cover.jpg

On Nightmare's Shore (Book III)

When an ancient enemy returns to steal Neverland’s closest guarded secret, its inhabitants must unite to keep from falling into ruin. In the face of impossible odds and the prospect of Neverland’s desolation, Peter Pan must find a way where none can be seen.

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Book I Q&A

Checkout the Q&A Jon did for Book I - Peter: A Tale from Neverland